About Us

The beauty of hard work and persistence

EFECTA teams of professionals excel at industrial welding, insulation, and pipefitting. Furthermore, our crew comprises expert electricians and painters who work on various projects.

We entered business in 2014 and have been successfully expanding since then.


Anything is possible with

Our strategic goal is to keep growing and attract even more qualified specialists.

That’s why we focus on ensuring the well-being of employees & continous improvement 

  • Attractive renumeration system;
  • Training compensation;
  • Additional benefits package;
  • Motivation system



Safety culture is  very important part in our business. All operational processes are focused on risk management and every employee is taught that every possible risk must be identified and simultaneously sought to eliminate it.

From simple workers to top-level managers we all do our jobs responsibly and feel personal responsibility both for ourselves and for our team .

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